Voice Chat

Voice Chat

Mumble is our Voice Chat Client of Choice

Why Mumble?  See this link: Ventrilo vs. Mumble/

Installing Mumble is required for participating in raiding.  You don’t necessarily need a microphone, but you do need to be able to hear Sidders and his background raid-demon growl at you.


You can download the appropriate Mumble client from the official website located here: http://mumble.sourceforge.net/
Most likely you will want the link that says Windows: 1.2.3a (stable) right after the heading Get Mumble.  The version number may be different, but you most likely want whatever is the most recent stable version.


If you need help with the install process, I recommend this helpful video:


Once you have walked through the install process and are ready to connect ‘Add New…’ and set up the following connection:

Servername: Stonecutters (for example)
Address: chat.stonecutters.us
Port: 64738 (this is the default port)Username: _______ (whatever you want here)