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If you have any questions about our guild, feel free to post on the forums, or visit us on IRC. Our IRC channel #stonecutters on is usually active 8am-5pm PST during weekdays.

Stonecutter Recruitment Status:

The Stonecutters was formed before the release of WoW and is one of the oldest guilds on Uther. Very few active guilds have been around as long as we have. We are a casual adult guild of hard core gamers who enjoy playing all the major releases and most of the not so major ones as well but we share a special addiction to WoW. Some of us even played in the F&F WoW beta.

Are you a gamer? Do you get into debates about waiting in line for the release of a game or doing a digital download? Do you have the title the Insane or did you stay up for 30 hours to be one of the first to tame Loque’nahak? Do you build a replica Battle of Hoth in your yard every winter? Do you say things like, “I’ll be there faster than Ned Stark lost his head.” when the boss calls you in to handle an emergency? Do you delete 90’s so that you can level more alts? Do you game so much that you have to apply sunscreen to go out at night? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the guild for you.

The Stonecutters are always recruiting to maintain our 10m raid team. Our raid times are Monday and Tuesday from 7:30-11:00pm server. We are looking for solid players who can make each and every raid.

However, we are not recruiting just raiders. If you don’t have the time to raid but enjoy pvp, heroics, or leveling up in MoP and want to hang out with the cool kids, then please consider joining The Stonecutters.

Post an Application and Read the Code of Conduct
You’ll find the application template in this forum thread.  If we cannot understand your application, chances are we will not accept you.  Answer all the questions, answer accurately and please spell all character names correctly.  You’ll notice many of our own players will jump and post in your thread, so please wait for an official response from an officer.  If your name has special characters in it, then Vulture probably hates you.

Level Limit – New Recruits must be level 90
The majority of our guild is level 90 and play casually (20 hours or less per week).  This leaves us with very little time to help people level / quest.  This leaves anyone who is not 90 spending a lot of time in PUGs or solo.  Due to this condition we prefer characters that have reached level 90.

Age Requirement – New Recruits must be at least 18 years old.
Most of our members are in their 20’s and 30’s.  SC feels that anyone under the age of 18 will not mesh well with the guild in WoW.  They will also have other restrictions that could conflict. (Some of the language used, restrictions, etc…) We will not be accepting any new members under the age of 18 unless there is some extradonary applicant or special exception.

Special Cases
Stonecutters from other games can be ‘grandfathered’ into the guild.  (They are part of the guild already, just in a different game.)

Background Checks
SC does them, if we find something questionable (after you have been invited and are still on trial) we will bring it up with you.  Really servere past incidents (ninja looting from guild or alliance member) may be cause for ending trial early or rejecting an app.  We are willing to hear both sides, so if you know something already pm it to the officers so we can consider it, we know every story has multiple sides.

Qualities we are looking for in a guild member:

MATURITY – This is our most important requirement.  We mess around quite a bit and have a good time.  There is a huge difference between humor and stupidity.  We accept many ages, but do not accept all levels of maturity.  If you are a strong, active player who is immature, you won’t last long here.  Maturity includes, among other things,  being serious when needed (raids), knowing when to stop talking, and not being excessively inappropriate or hurtful.

GAME ACTIVITY – We do not have mandatory raiding.  However, we do require our members to be active.  Disappearing for a week or two without notice is not acceptable.  All it requires is a simple post on the forums with a reason.

FUN – Any Stonecutter will tell you that guild chat is extremely entertaining.  We are a raiding guild, but not a “hardcore” guild.  We like to recruit friendly and funny people.  (It also helps if you can play your character. :D)

FORUM ACTIVITY – One of the best ways to get things done in game is to plan things out.  The best tool / resource we have for that are these forums.  So check them regularly, often we will post signup sheets for raids and those who signup will get priority on those raids.  Also often people need to complete the same quests and they can use the forums to communicate and get things done together.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to having you join us!

Please visit the WoW New Recruits forum to check what classes and rolls are open for recruitment and to begin the application process.