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PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds
« on: April 25, 2017, 08:15:06 am »
Picked this up yesterday after watching some great youtube clips on it. This is a 1 vs 90+(or 2, or up to 4 if in duo or team mode) free for all Hunger Games / Battle Royale(the Japanese movie/manga/anime, not the WCW event).

If you played Day Z, you have something of an idea of how it works, just minus the zombies. Everyone is loaded into a cargo plane with nothing. The plane flies over an island, you parachute out when you want and make for the closest building, which will have random equipment. Large variety of weapons ranging from crowbars to M249s, complete with various upgrades/add ons to find like extended magazines, forward grips, huge variety of sights, etc. After 5 minutes, the zone starts "shrinking" via a force field that damages you somewhat slowly(about 25 seconds to kill you from full), and will continue to shrink every 2 minutes(eventually dropping down to 1) until it's only a few dozen feet across. There's also the occasional random artillery strike. Both are advertised well in advance to give you time to move where you need to. A full matches typically lasts around 45 minutes....assuming you make it that long.

Anyway, somewhat unique/new gameplay is always my thing, and the scavenging/movement aspect makes this game way more tactical and strategic, more like Ghost Recon than Battlefield. I'm loving the solo mode, but I'm betting it's even more fun in duo/team modes(which have knockout/revive mechanics).
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