A Tale of Courage, Rage, Strength and Bad Gas.

A Tale of Courage, Rage, Strength and Bad Gas.

What’s this? Multiple news posts in one day? How can this be?

It looks like the Stonecutters were so angry at Elegon that after putting him to the sword they decided to trash the rest of the Vault of Mogu’shan.  Next stop, final stop. The Will of the Emperor. Thanks again to Siafu for filling out our Monday raid and helping us wreck the final boss fight of Mogu’shan Vaults.

Also, a very special congratulations tonight to Flaffytaffy and Maliddyn for their long overdue promotion! Invited to the guild back on Dec. 1st, these two gents have been a powerhouse of heals putting other, lesser unworthy, healers (like that scrappy ass monk) to shame. Their long tenure at Stein Washer status was really a sign of our slipshod administration — but we are going to start a rumor that they were in double secret probation in order to cover up our obvious oversight here. Cheers guys!

Also a momentous occasion tonight Gorefeast installed his ‘expensive ass new headset’ and now sounds like a silky smooth radio (raid-io?) DJ.  Next up — starting a collection to buy Sidders an exorcism!

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