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"Oh Nazrain, you are a god-forsaken ruin of terrible age and strange beauty. A world where the crumbling of great cities and the clash of mighty armies has heralded in our new era of oblivion. A man may choose his path under the stars, but he must always watch his step lest it be treacherous.

The wilderness has claimed the husk of our once flowering empires and the last corrupt vestiges of order are pre-occupied with their petty squabbles. Even still in our season of despair there is cause for hope, some errant few seek the pearls of the forsaken ancestors. Great power and lost knowledge could still bring a new dawn to our lost world." --lament of an old storyteller

Nazrain is a text-based, but graphically enhanced multi-user-dungeon (MUD) currently being designed and built from the ground up. The hollow lands of Nazrain will eventually encompass a sprawl of eight ruined kingdoms, along with a score of playable race and class options.

Most importantly it will have a rich, classical depth of immersion, offering an interesting social atmosphere with a special focus on the very heart of adventure role-playing games - the forgotten dungeons, mazes and mysterious ruins that have long captured our imaginations.